Who is Living in Downtown Ottawa?

When choosing a new area to rent an apartment, the kind of people you will surround yourself with is important. In Ottawa we are lucky enough to have a population of diverse and welcoming people who will make any new living arrangement comfortable.

Downtown Ottawa is defined by three main groups of people: professionals, students and government workers. Because Ottawa is a university, college, business and government town, the downtown core is a diverse mix of all of these.

DowntownOttawaApartments.ca has something available for anybody, which makes renting an apartment from us a great way to meet a new and diverse group of people in downtown Ottawa.

Where the Government Works:

Downtown Ottawa has a huge range of government buildings that employs much of its diverse population. Many government workers in Ottawa work around Parliament Hill or across the bridge into Gatineau so they rent downtown apartments that fit their commute.

While offices are spread across Ottawa and new renters should look into renting downtown apartments that best suit them, some of the main downtown Ottawa government buildings are located on:

  • Wellington Street
  • Sussex Drive
  • Laurier Ave
  • Elgin Street


Where the Students Live:

Downtown Ottawa is also defined by its large student population that rents many downtown apartments and houses in the city. With two major universities, one college and countless smaller institutions, Ottawa's downtown apartment population is always alive with the hustle and bustle of young students.

The major schools in Ottawa are:

Most Ottawa students try to find downtown apartments closest to their respective schools but they typically are spread across the city.

Professionals Young and Old:

Downtown Ottawa is also home to young and old professionals at different stages of their careers. Whether just starting out or in the peak of their professional career, Ottawa has a downtown apartment to suit every worker's needs.

Apartments in downtown Ottawa are conveninetly located close to main transit lines or within walking distance of downtown offices. Wherever you work in downtown Ottawa, there's a quality apartment not far from the office.

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341 MacLaren St

Unit Type: Bachelor
Rent From: $1,099/mo.


Contact: 613-594-5757

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New Yorker Exterior

The New Yorker (335 MacLaren)

Unit Type: 2-Bedroom
Rent From: $1365/mo.

Contact: 613-880-1999

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River Rd (949 North River Rd.)

Location: Central

Unit Type: 3-Bedroom
Rent From: $1697/month

Contact: 613-695-2576

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Laurier - Exterior

Laurier and Friel St

Unit Type: 3-Bedroom
Rent From: $1575/mo.

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Contact: 613-223-7593