Why Rent an Apartment in Downtown Ottawa?

There are dozens of beautiful apartments for rent in downtown Ottawa. It’s really just a matter of choosing which location in Ottawa is right for you. Have you considered apartments for rent in downtown Ottawa? The downtown core of Ottawa is filled with exciting things to see and do, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy them.

Whether you like music, shopping, restaurants, museums, physical activity, or a combination of all of those, you’ll find a diverse array of amenities within walking distance of many Ottawa downtown apartments.

Get to Know Downtown Ottawa:

Downtown Ottawa has a grid pattern of streets, aligned either east-west or north-south. Ottawa is an easy city to move around in if you know the basic main downtown streets. Familiarize yourself with these downtown Ottawa streets:

  • Elgin Street
  • Metcalfe Avenue
  • O’Connor Street
  • Bank Street
  • Kent Street
  • Bronson Street
  • Albert Street
  • Slater Street

Knowing these streets will get you through downtown Ottawa and what is called “Centretown."

Music in Downtown Ottawa:

Live music is plentiful in Ottawa, so if you’re a fan, consider apartments for rent in downtown Ottawa that are also close to one of these music venues:


Shopping in Downtown Ottawa:

The best places to shop in Ottawa, can be found in the downtown core. If shopping is important to you, look at Ottawa downtown apartments that are close to these shopping hubs:


Restaurants in Downtown Ottawa:

With hundreds of options to choose from, it can be daunting to pick a restaurant in downtown Ottawa. Ottawa is a city of international flavours, so when you choose your next apartment rental, consider one of these resources to ensure that you find apartments for rent in downtown Ottawa that are close to your favourite foods:


Museums in Downtown Ottawa:

Downtown Ottawa is the densest area in the entire country for culture and museums. There are several apartments for rent here in the Nation’s Capital that are within walking distance of the following:


Physical Activity in Downtown Ottawa:

Downtown Ottawa is rich with places to get your daily physical fitness fix. With gyms, parks, paths, and activities spread all over downtown Ottawa, it won’t be hard to choose an apartment rental near these areas. Consider going for a long walk or a run on the over 10 km of paths alongside the Rideau Canal or the Ottawa River Parkway. For a list of outdoor physical activities in downtown Ottawa, visit the City of Ottawa website.

Renting an apartment in the downtown core of Ottawa is one of the best choices you can make, if you want to live in Ottawa and have access to everything within walking distance.

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See a full listing of apartments in Ottawa by visiting the District Realty website.

Have questions about the ideal place to live in Ottawa? Let us know! Our representatives are happy to help.

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